This Woman’s Husband Was Always Coming Home Late. Then One Day She Took A Close Look At His Clothes

Aug 17, 2020
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The couple from Leesburg, Indiana had been married a short while, when she started to get suspicious of her husband’s whereabouts since he had been returning home from work at very late hours everyday. She was left feeling lonely and sad, as though she was raising their baby girl on her own. This is not how she pictured her life to turn out. Worst of all, she started to become resentful that she had to stay at home with their daughter and she began to feel trapped. Was her husband not satisfied with her? Or was he caught up with something big at work? Could there be something else going on? All these thoughts and questions were incessantly running through her head as she tried to hone in on an answer. But then, one day, she discovered something while doing the family laundry.

She noticed something particular about her husband’s clothes that she hadn’t picked up on before. She was absolutely shocked by what it revealed about her husband’s late nights. In fact, this discovery she made would change her entire view of their relationship and their lives together, and we all have something to learn from it.

Jonna Miller and her husband David, both in their 20’s, started dating in October 2012. One year later, over Thanksgiving dinner in front of 25 people, David proposed to Jonna. It was a special Thanksgiving that year and the couple had much to be thankful for; Jonna was also six months pregnant.

The lovebirds felt like they were living a real-life fairy tale and were so excited to become parents. Jonna gave birth to their daughter, Delanie, in February 2014. The following year, in May 2015, the couple made things official and tied the knot. They were a happy family of three.

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