The Beautiful Gaines Farmhouse in Texas: Inspiring Home Photos

Aug 18, 2020
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A Stunning Exterior

Joanna Gaines told Magnolia Magazine that the oak trees on the property of their lovely farmhouse in Texas were what initially caught her attention about the place. She knew that she wanted to live there as soon as the old-world charm of the exterior drew her in. But she knew that in order to move their family of 6 in, they would have to make some adjustments to the home.

But the couple fell in love with how the outside looked. They liked the color scheme, which consisted of mainly whites and neutrals. Joanna wanted to keep everything toned down to create a peaceful environment for the family. They decided to keep the welcoming brick steps and matching chimney, along with the white-toned walls.

An Entry Into a Home

Joanna wanted to ensure that the entryway into the farmhouse was welcoming for her and her husband, Chip, and also for their 4 (now 5) children. Keeping in mind that kids often take off and throw their shoes, coats and everything else when they first step foot into the house, she decided that setting up an area with hooks, drawers and a countertop would be beneficial for all. But she wanted the area to look beautiful as well, so she decorated it with rustic coloring and personalized wall sings.

Fans of the show know that Joanna is a fan of shiplap and uses it quite frequently. So, you won’t be surprised to see that she uses it throughout the entryway. She also displays her love of things that are both functional and fashionable, by using the rustic style hooks.

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