Three Lids You Haven’t Been Using Properly

Aug 18, 2020
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They say that every pot has a lid. But did you know that some lids can be used for more than just covering things? Take a look at these three lids that were designed for multiple purposes.

Plastic Coffee Cup Lids

Did you know that the plastic lid on your take away coffee (or any hot drink, actually) has a built-in little button? The barista can press that button down to indicate references like decaf and extra hot. That’s nothing new.

Did you know that flipping that same plastic lid could also be helpful? The bottom has three little ridges inside which lock the cup in, making for an impromptu coaster! So, next time someone gives you an earful for not using a coaster, remember this.

Tic Tac Lids

Have you ever seen those Tic-Tac shaped molds inside your Tic-Tac box cover? You likely thought it was to help seal the box and keep the Tic-Tacs fresh. Apparently, this feature serves a different purpose.

The dent is actually supposed to be used to dispense Tic-Tacs! But honestly, who wants to dispense their Tic-Tacs one at a time?

Child-Proof Medicine Bottles

Child-proof medicine bottles are annoying to open no matter how old you are. If you don’t have young kids around, these tricky lids are even more frustrating. Most people don’t know, however, that there’s a way around it!

Many pill bottles with those special lids are threaded on both sides in order to make them reversible. One of these sides is meant to lock into place, the other side is designed to secure the bottle without this child-proof safety feature, just like any regular container. Who knew?

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