Small Spaces Big Potential: Decorating Hacks for Small Apartments

Aug 21, 2022
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We love small apartments. They’re coZy and easier to maintain every day. But if we had one complaint, it would be the lack of space. From storage to décor, small apartments can sometimes make you feel like the walls are closing in. Thankfully, it’s easy to widen and liven up small spaces with a few clever design tricks. What’s more, they’re easy and won’t burn holes in your wallet.

Paint the walls a light color

To avoid feeling like the walls are closing in on you, choose paint in a light color. Forget walls in contrasting colors since they will make spaces appear even smaller. White paint or light pastels in green, blue, and cream work wonders to make any room brighter and bigger.

Furniture that creates the illusion of space

Small spaces need room to breathe. Create the illusion of space with sleek, minimal furniture. Opt for short, lightweight furniture with skinny legs or glass top tables that bring abundant light inside. Armless furniture in the same color as your walls are a fantastic addition to small rooms. The more space you can create, the larger an apartment will appear.


Minimal wall art

Instead of weighing walls down with multiple frames, consider a single large piece instead. Light frames or ones with similar colors to the wall give the artwork a floating quality. When it comes to placement, horizontal works best for small apartments.

Clear out clutter

When clutter builds up in small apartments, it can make rooms feel more claustrophobic. Find ways to organize and arrange items out of view – behind doors, under beds, or in sleek containers. A clean, open view helps both you and your apartment breathe better.

Area rugs

When done right, area rugs in small spaces can add much-needed dimension to rooms. The key is to use an area rug smaller than a furniture’s perimeter. Allowing stools or chairs to hang off the rug’s edge creates a focal point for furniture in the house.


Let light in

Whether by artificial lighting or natural sunlight, rooms always look much larger when well-lit. Avoid heavy curtains or draperies. Open up those windows and let some sunshine in! Light drapes in neutral colors are the most ideal for small rooms.

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