Tips From Netflix’s ‘Get Organized With The Home Edit’

Sep 25, 2022
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“Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” “sparked joy” for organizational TV shows, so when “Get Organized With The Home Edit” hit our streaming services, it was, needless to say, a huge hit among both the neat freaks and the slobs. If you find yourself standing before a heap of old junk that’s keeping you from your Instagram worthy home, then start with these 5 tips that will begin to transform your space.


It’s all about categories! The best way to organize things is to separate them according to categories. When it comes to clothes, for example; separate according to jeans, sweaters or shoes. This will create some order in your closet and give it a far more aesthetic look.  The same goes for things in the kitchen, the study, the bathroom, and any other space in the house. Sorting things into types and categories is a great organizational tool.

Memento Boxes

We love holding into memories, but scrapbooking takes a lot of energy,  a more time-saving activity you can opt for — that will yield the same result — is making memento boxes.  Instead of a book of loose papers, pretty boxes stacked with all your you precious memories and clippings is possibly more aesthetic and a better way to store thing. You can also stack up on bulkier items, ribbons, and pins

Make a Transfer Station

For the ones who are not one-wallet/purse type folks, chopping and changing bags and wallet can often result in some forgotten items. You might have gotten the stylish new bag, but that doesn’t help when you don’t have your credit card or driver’s license. If you are swapping out your purse, then makes sure you do it at your “transfer station” and not last minute in your room. This will allow you to carefully pack everything you need that day.

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