Wedding Cake Fails the Guests Will Never Forget

Mar 12, 2024
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While having a big, traditional wedding cake has become a little less standard as time goes on, it’s still a regular part of a lot of weddings. Everybody eats dinner, the best man and maid of honor give their speeches, and then the floor is open for dancing and there is cake for everyone. That’s the hope, at least.

Wedding Cake Fails the Guests Will Never Forget | & nikdahl & photog679 & bewareofzombiesadele & Twitter/@KBMM
Wedding Cake Fails the Guests Will Never Forget / & nikdahl & photog679 & bewareofzombiesadele & Twitter/@KBMM

As these pictures show us, not every wedding cake is created equal. Some of them are made by people who don’t know the finer points of cake baking, some of them have some really poor taste, and some of them just didn’t turn out the way they should. Hopefully they still tasted good, and remember – it’s not the cake’s fault if the marriage fails.

Going Her Own Way

Surely this can’t really be a wedding cake that someone brought to a wedding cake, can it? Surely a couple can’t expect to ring in their new relationship with that lump of dough and uneven frosting. Apparently, in an attempt to save some cash (granted, a wedding is often one of the most expensive things you’ll ever have to shell out for) a woman wanted to bake her own wedding cake.

Going Her Own Way |
Going Her Own Way /

The problem is, people who bake wedding cakes are paid a lot for a very good reason – it’s hard work, and it takes a lot of time and training. If you have eight people at your wedding, and nobody is expecting something fancy, then this kind of option might make sense, but otherwise, there are going to be a number of people that won’t be happy.

Make Sure Everybody Knows It’s a Cake

A trend was going around recently that had people make cakes that looked exactly like everyday items from around the house, like a computer, a bowl of fruit, or a dog. However, cut into that item, and you’ll reveal delicious cake and a lush layer of icing or frosting. This cake is another example of that trend, and despite the fact that it looks like something found in the bathroom, we have no problems with it.

Make Sure Everybody Knows It’s a Cake |
Make Sure Everybody Knows It’s a Cake /

Just make sure nobody really needs to use the bathroom in an emergency, or a whole lot of people will become upset really quickly. Maybe the people who had this at their wedding work at a toilet paper factory, and wanted to celebrate the thing that brought them together.

It Was a Long Night

Going through with a wedding is not a simple task. You have to basically spend the entire day trying to be on your best behavior, getting dressed, taking pictures, giving or listening to speeches, and comporting yourself as is proper in a place of worship or some other place. By the time the day is over, you might be looking forward to a certain something.

It Was a Long Night |
It Was a Long Night /

Sometimes that thing is a little bit of quality time with your new spouse, sometimes that thing is a nice, comfy bed. Sometimes, the two members of the new union will be at loggerheads as to which one is more important. A lot of people will want to crash after a big day of hard work and partying, which means some people might have to wait a little bit.

The Family That Slays Together

Unless everybody agrees on the idea, then you shouldn’t try to be too cute with your cake. This couple has decided that they want to show off their ideas for the zombie apocalypse with a cake that, hopefully, is covered in cherry sauce. As far as kitschy cakes go, it’s not the worst thing we’ve ever seen, but it does have a certain…adolescence to it.

The Family That Slays Together |
The Family That Slays Together /

Like, shouldn’t the dessert that heralds your passage into a hopefully long-lasting relationship look a little more mature? Maybe they had another cake waiting in the wings to show off that they thought about how other people would think of them a little bit. Still, again, it’s not the worst thing we’ve ever seen. At least it isn’t in a pile on the floor.

At Least They’re Unique

Making cake toppers yourself isn’t as easy as it might seem. Let’s take a look at these two images as an example. They are, actually, supposed to look the same, but the people who made the couple on the right – the two who were getting married, as it turns out – didn’t have the chops to copy the example on the left.

At Least They’re Unique |
At Least They’re Unique /

They look like they’ll be a little hard to make, even if you have experience molding things out of marzipan or whatever else was used to make them. The woman looks like she’s wearing a bathroom and has a sumo wrestler’s topknot, while the guy looks like he doesn’t even know where he is. The couple decided to go with them on a smaller cake for the wedding party, giving everyone a laugh.

Where’s the Beef?

We assume that dinner for this eloping couple was a cake that was actually full of mustard and ketchup and things like that. Imagine getting a big bite of what you think is cake and actually getting meat, instead. Even if you like and want both of those things, you’re just not going to be prepared.

Where’s the Beef? |
Where’s the Beef? /

Well, these two decided to do the opposite and get a cake that looked just like a big burger, which is apparently a thing from the “Sims” series of games. The creatures that inhabit that game are poor mockeries of humans, so of course they want to eat a burger instead of a cake. It’s like how aliens think humans would work.

Getting Some Practice In

If you want to make your own wedding cake for your big day, you need to take a couple of cracks at it before you make something that will end up in front of others. These two have been rolling up their sleeves and putting on the aprons to try and save some money and not hire a professional bakery for the big treat. Problem is, that means they have to do it themselves.

Getting Some Practice In |
Getting Some Practice In /

This was one of their attempts, and it seemed more like they were trying to bake the leaning tower of Pisa than make something for their wedding. Even if you know how to bake something really well, decorating it is yet another difficult task for you to undertake – you can’t just slap some frosting on there and call it good.

That Doesn’t Look Like Gold….

Yeah, so, this is supposed to be a gold cake. Gold, as in the bright and shiny yellowish color that people have been desiring since it was first discovered, and not…this color. It looks like a dessert that the swamp thing would offer you. The backstory is that the bride asked her younger sister to bake a special cake for the big day in order to save some money.

That Doesn’t Look Like Gold…. |
That Doesn’t Look Like Gold…. /

The younger sister is actually a talented baker, and she just couldn’t check all the boxes when it came to this order. However, no feelings were hurt and the wedding went on as planned, just with a few more jokes aimed at the cake than there normally is. Sure, a cake can look strange, but as long as it tastes good, nobody really minds.

A Little Messy, but Aren’t We All?

While it is sad that the people who were celebrating their wedding with this cake had to pay money for something that wasn’t exactly what they had been hoping for, hopefully, they realized that it wasn’t all that bad.

A Little Messy, but Aren’t We All? |
A Little Messy, but Aren’t We All? /

Sure, the surface was a bit uneven and the frosting was a bit smudged (that’s what frosting when the cake is still warm will do, just so you know), but we feel like it was still something that will be nothing more than a funny story to tell at all the family gatherings from then on out. As long as it tastes good, we don’t think people will really mind all that much. If you’re in a rush, just put the cake in the fridge for a while. Sometimes these things take time.

At Least They’re Honest

This is another example of a homemade wedding cake – but we probably didn’t need to tell you that. The background is that this person and her boyfriend wanted to make a cake for her dad’s “non-traditional” wedding in the woods. This was the result of four hours’ worth of work. Listen, we aren’t saying that we could do better, but you have to admit that this cake deserves a place on this list, if you catch our drift.

At Least They're Honest |
At Least They’re Honest /

Still, this person said that her dad wanted a non-traditional wedding, and we’re pretty confident that this fit the theme. To be honest with you, we would love to see pictures of the rest of the wedding.

We’re Worried About the Flavor

At first, the cake looks fine. A nice, white, tiered cake that you might see at almost any wedding. But then you kind of notice, you know, the rest of it. You think that the skunk might have been put there by accident…and then you notice that there is a certain amount of chocolate (please, please, please be chocolate) on the side of the cake that is right next to the skunk.

We’re Worried About the Flavor |
We’re Worried About the Flavor /

And now you just aren’t hungry anymore, and you won’t be for a while. It’s certainly not the classiest wedding cake that we’ve ever seen. It’s made even worse by the fact that the cake itself looks really, really nice. Like, that could show up at any wedding and nobody would have anything bad to say about it. Except for the other stuff.

It’s the Full Meal in One Bite

This is a lot to take in. And we don’t just mean when you look at it, either – it looks like a lot of food that you’d have to eat. So somebody made a cake, we think, and then topped it with not only Heinz baked beans, not only Weetabix, but…bacon flowers?

It’s the Full Meal in One Bite |
It’s the Full Meal in One Bite /

From the size of it, this could be the cake that the wedding party gets, while all the guests get something that is, hopefully, a little more traditional. Bacon and beans together sound great, but Weetabix? Never had it, but in our heads, it doesn’t mesh well. Also, it’s on a cake, so…we aren’t sure if anything will taste well, here. What even kind of cake is that? It looks like it’s made out of rock.

Giving the Cake a Tilt

If there’s one thing that can ruin a wedding cake, it’s a lack of symmetry. There are probably some cakes out there that are uneven on one side or another on purpose, but they’re few and far between, and they require a steady hand to make. It’s clear that the hand or hands that were in charge of this cake weren’t steady enough – just look at how the whole thing is leaning.

Giving the Cake a Tilt | Facebook/@amiehill
Giving the Cake a Tilt / Facebook/@amiehill

Planned? We have a hard time believing that. It’s quite lumpy, the designs on it (both the feathers and what appears to be some fleur de lis) aren’t the best we’ve seen. There’s also the peacock, which looks more like a chicken that is putting on airs. Maybe it was a hot day out, and it started to melt a little.

C’mon Honey, We Have to Go

Yeah, Minecraft is a fun game to play, but if you have to be dragged away from your computer while playing it in order to walk down the aisle, then we think you have a problem. Unless this groom was gifted a copyright before the wedding, you’d think that the most important day of his life would rank a little higher than arranging squares in an online world.

C’mon Honey, We Have to Go |
C’mon Honey, We Have to Go /

However, this is actually an edit – look at the pictures that line the base of the cake, and you’ll see that the screen probably originally had something to do with the far more addictive game League of Legends. Keep at it, lady, maybe he’ll figure out what is important one of these days. Just tell him he can kill Teemo at the reception.

When “She’s a Pearl” Becomes Too Literal

There are all kinds of couples out there, so we imagine it was just a matter of time before one of the cakes on this list ended up covered in old oyster shells. Maybe the couple really likes oysters, or they have a seaside theme or something like that, but we just don’t think the cake ended up looking as good as the idea could have been.

When “She’s a Pearl” Becomes Too Literal | Facebook/@sweetartcustomcake
When “She’s a Pearl” Becomes Too Literal / Facebook/@sweetartcustomcake

At the very least, they should have taken some time finding some better-looking oyster shells, since the ones that ended up on the cake look a little bit more like rocks or troll boogers than they do shells with pearls inside them. They might be natural and realistic, but this is a wedding – it doesn’t have to be realistic.

A Dessert for a Carnivore

Weddings are always changing and shifting – for instance, recently there has been something called the “groom’s cake” that has been making appearances. There are a bunch of ways to describe it. Sometimes, it’s a cake influenced by the groom’s interests and hobbies, sometimes it’s a way to make serving a dessert to all the guests easier, rather than having to carefully cut and serve the tall tiers of a more traditional wedding cake.

A Dessert for a Carnivore |
A Dessert for a Carnivore /

This one tells us that the groom is a master at the grill. A beautiful t-bone steak isn’t the sort of thing that most people want to eat for dessert, but this cake still looks pretty good. It’s a little lumpy, and the colors are a bit strange, so it kinda looks like a pair of lungs, but it’s still okay.

When Children Get Married

We don’t know why someone would think to put these kinds of yellow creatures on a wedding cake, but there are all sorts of people out there. Not only are there minions – a bad idea according to most people just to start with – but then they went ahead and dressed those minions up in costumes, like Loki from Marvel, and what appears to be the dragon Toothless from the “How to Train Your Dragon” series of movies.

When Children Get Married |
When Children Get Married /

Oh, and then some of them also appear to be dressed up as zombies, so you KNOW that the people who are exchanging vows on this day are mature and wise adults. No, we’re kidding, this is pretty bad. Don’t put minions on your cake. Don’t put zombies on your cake. And definitely don’t do both.

It Gets Worse the Farther Down You Get

The top half of this cake is good! Fine! Perfect! Excellent, even! It looks a touch whimsical, which is fine for anything but the most uber-traditional wedding. A nice lilac color, some flowers, some patterns, and even a bow. And then you get down a level and you wonder how it all could have gone so wrong. Maybe the wife designed one half and the husband designed the other half?

It Gets Worse the Farther Down You Get |
It Gets Worse the Farther Down You Get /

We aren’t even sure which half would be which in that case. Despite the name of the article, we can’t believe we have to say the following: Please do not ask for or make a wedding cake that has anything resembling actual gore and organs. You might like the design, but when you get to the reception, what are you hoping for? Disgust from the guests? Not something to want.

We’re Getting Hungry Over Here

There must be some sort of trend going on that we aren’t aware of that has people adding a whole lot of extra frosting or fondant foods to the design. It also seems to be something that is often with the United Kingdom, since they regularly include baked beans of all things.

We’re Getting Hungry Over Here |
We’re Getting Hungry Over Here /

But we see a lot of other options from the food pyramid, including donuts, what appears to be a hot dog or a sausage of some kind, a cup of coffee and/or tea, and…other slices of cake? There’s something that looks like sheet cake with frosting on it, but it’s a little hard to tell exactly what it is. The design is honestly pretty good, it’s just weird to see this sort of idea more than once. It’s going to confuse some people, that’s for sure.

We Know What They’re Doing on Their Honeymoon

It most certainly isn’t the traditional cake, but we kinda like this one! The deer heads look immaculate, the leaves are actually really well done, and the “camo” design on the cake itself is subtle and attractive. Sure, the fact that the rifle shells or whatever they’re supposed to be are silver seems a bit strange, but perfection is hard to reach. The bride deer even has a cute little veil!

We Know What They’re Doing on Their Honeymoon |
We Know What They’re Doing on Their Honeymoon /

No, it isn’t the kind of cake that you’ll see most of the time when you walk into a reception, but think of all the hard work that went into almost every detail of this centerpiece dessert. Maybe it wasn’t even the only cake – it could have been the groom’s cake.

We are So Confused

Confused and maybe a little frightened. Actually a lot frightened. The backstory is this cake (as well as the entire wedding reception, maybe even the wedding itself) is eighties-themed, which while not our favorite theme ever, doesn’t seem TOO bad. But this wedding cake just can’t stand up to what most people might be hoping to see. Let’s work up to the top.

We are So Confused |
We are So Confused /

Okay, so the bottom layer is a weird lime green (the worst green) surrounded by small candies. Nothing terrible so far. It also has a hand? Maybe it’s supposed to be a Michael Jackson glove. The second level is a bright pink, with a note to the theme and other things around it. Then there’s the cube. A cube that can’t be solved no matter how hard you try, and anybody who’s been around a Rubix can tell you that. Also, the topper, which is…childish at best.

Please Center that Cake

This cake gets to something like a ninety-five percent for us, but that last five percent does it in and gets it on this list. The flowers look really nice, the design that has been “burned” into the cake looks just as shoddy as it should, and even the antlers look nice.

Please Center that Cake |
Please Center that Cake /

And yet, the wood design around the cake looks like it could have taken more care – plus, it’s not the most appetizing way to decorate a cake, there are a whole lot more that are worse on this list alone. Also, the cake itself isn’t centered on the riser, and for something like a wedding, you want everything to be in the proper spot. Just…just push a little. A little to the left. Just a little.

Oh Boy, Cherry Flavor!

For a long time, zombies were one of the most popular things in the media. We aren’t that unhappy it’s gone away, but it was really, really popular. One of the biggest things about it was the show “The Walking Dead,” perhaps one of the best pieces of zombie media out there for people who want to see something bloody and thrilling.

Oh Boy, Cherry Flavor! |
Oh Boy, Cherry Flavor! /

Somehow, someway, there are some people that thought it would be a good idea to make their wedding at least a little bit zombie-themed. Because that’s what wedding guests want to think about: death! Blood! Corpses! Their loved ones with wounds and blood all over them! Also, how are they supposed to have cake served if you aren’t supposed to open it? That’s a problem that shouldn’t have been introduced.

That’s Why She’s the Better Half

We don’t really understand why there are so many cake toppers that show the wife literally dragging the husband away from something like a computer. Yes, fine, computer games are fun, but you know what else is fun? A lifetime companion! Other-centered devotion! Leaving the house once in a while!

That’s Why She’s the Better Half |
That’s Why She’s the Better Half /

Not only that, the game that the cake is covered in is none other than “Fortnight,” something that is becoming the game that is so popular that it’s causing problems for lots of parents that have to drag their kids away from the computer. We think this might be one of those half-and-half cakes – you can see the edges of what appears to be a more standard cake design, with white simplicity instead of video game characters.

Expectations Ruined

Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, you might have a certain cake in mind for the big day. Maybe it’s something simple and classic, maybe it’s a little more extravagant (though still tasteful) like this option on the left. Notice that we pointed out it was the one on the left. The bride who got hitched with this cake waiting ordered the cake on the left, but received the cake on the right.

Expectations Ruined | Instagram/@lrobinson626
Expectations Ruined / Instagram/@lrobinson626

There are, as you might be able to tell, some differences. For one, it looks less “whimsically tilted” and more “about to fall over.” Second, the designs that the original cake had are entirely different from the one that got to the wedding. They also aren’t as good. There’s no topper, and they didn’t even get the colors right! Too bad.

Too Many Curls on the Cake

You’re never going to get exactly what you ordered when you pick out a wedding cake for your big day, but most places that do this sort of thing will try to get it as close as possible to what you’re expecting. This is not one of those times, as we can see. The original cake looks great – a classy dessert for a wonderful wedding. The cake that was actually delivered to the couple, however…it’s not exactly the same thing.

Too Many Curls on the Cake | Instagram/@_mrs.ball
Too Many Curls on the Cake / Instagram/@_mrs.ball

It looks like they liked doing the little frosting curls so much that they just kept going. We’d like to point out that the curls are actually supposed to be flowers, not just…frosting. We also have to point out that it’s tilted, which tells us there are some big structural issues.

The Two of Us Together

This addition to the top of a cake is maybe a little unexpected, but it has a good combination of styles that turns it into something that will get people talking without ruining the cake. If it was something other than what appears to be classic, weather-beaten statues from centuries past, it wouldn’t have worked out so well, but they add a nice classy touch to the look.

The Two of Us Together |
The Two of Us Together /

Also, look, they’re in the garbage can. Surely that has to mean something. Maybe they’re saying that they know they aren’t perfect, but they can be imperfect together. By the way, the husband of this pair is the one who put it online for mockery, so we know they know it could be seen as not the best thing ever.

You Aren’t Supposed to be Looking Forward to It!

We know there are plenty of fans of the macabre and disgusting out there, but is it a good idea to bring that fandom to your wedding? Obviously, none of that stuff is real body parts or blood, but it could still turn some people off from what is hopefully a delicious cake or wedding reception meal.

You Aren’t Supposed to be Looking Forward to It! |
You Aren’t Supposed to be Looking Forward to It! /

We know some of the kids that are in attendance might enjoy the idea of them, but plenty more people might just decide to do without. Is that the goal? Do the bride and groom want to make sure they have as much of their favorite flavor as they possibly could? Maybe it’s even disgusting to them, and they’re just going to scrape it all off before eating.

Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress

This cake was all set up to be the big centerpiece at a classy event, but then the enemy of cakes everywhere had its turn. No, not children with gross fingers, but gravity. According to what we know, this cake had been in the works for ten hours, and then it decided to take a dive off the counter onto the floor.

Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress | Twitter/@KBMM
Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress / Twitter/@KBMM

It might not have been the most beautiful and perfect cake ever, but you know what? It looked pretty good! After it took a tumble, however, It wasn’t going to be anything other than handfuls of messy cake and frosting that you give to the little ones at the reception. What to do? Hope that there are some shops open, we guess! Or go get some cupcakes.

Leaning a Little Sloppy

We like the way the cake was SUPPOSED to look, but that’s not exactly how this big dessert turned out. It looks like it’s about to tumble over onto the floor. There’s also the curling designs on the purple sections of the cake, which look amateurish (though we bet that amateurs wouldn’t even get close to getting them even this good).

Leaning a Little Sloppy |
Leaning a Little Sloppy /

The decoration is sloppy, the construction has some serious issues, and it looks like there is some emergency piping going on to correct something on the other side of the cake. Whether this is a vendor that was having an off-day, a bad design to start with, or some combination of the two, we’re pretty sure that the bride and groom weren’t pleased with what they got.

Is Your Cake Sick?

Before you start asking too many questions, this cake is supposed to be a “cattle brand” theme cake. It is, and we might be putting this mildly, not a very good look if you don’t know what you’re looking at. You might look at that circle that is on the upper section and think it’s a knot in a tree trunk – and that is easily the best possible interpretation if you aren’t sure what it is.

Is Your Cake Sick? |
Is Your Cake Sick? /

There are also some mushrooms around the base that…appear to be similar to some anatomy. Though mushrooms just have that kinda look, so what else are you supposed to do about it? The rest of the cake seems like it’s fine, even if the design itself might have needed another set of eyes.

You Aren’t Getting Away

Okay, so at least half of the wedding couple really likes motorcycles, and based on the topper it doesn’t seem too hard to figure out which one it is. Aside from the topper, this cake actually looks pretty cool. Call us a bunch of sappy, hopeless romantics, but normalizing the idea that men are afraid of marriage just seems so juvenile to us.

You Aren’t Getting Away |
You Aren’t Getting Away /

Then again, maybe the topper is them taking off after the wedding, and the groom doesn’t realize that the bride wasn’t ready just yet. Sure, it’s not the traditional white wedding cake, but at least it’s not falling onto the floor, and the decoration does what it’s supposed to do. Plus, it will feed a whole lot of people, and that makes a cake great.

Covered in Paprika

No, we don’t think that this dessert is actually covered in ground-up red peppers, but it sure looks like it, doesn’t it? As much as people can love that spice, it doesn’t belong on most desserts, especially for something like a traditional wedding cake. Other than that detail, this cake doesn’t look too bad. Since that heavy red dust isn’t paprika, what could it actually be?

Covered in Paprika | Alamy Stock Photo
Covered in Paprika / Alamy Stock Photo

Nothing springs to mind as to what the little flakes could be, but we don’t know everything about cake tricks. There is actually a peanut butter recipe that has paprika in it which looks pretty good. It would have to go along with something that is more savory like peanut butter. A sweet cake like this one wouldn’t work out so well.

A Lily Pad for Two

Is it bad? No, not at all. Is it what you would call a normal set of cake toppers? Definitely not. Instead of the normal man and wife, this one was a couple of incredibly cartoonish and weird frogs. They aren’t the best thing that has even been on top of a wedding cake, but they kinda look a little strange, don’t they?

A Lily Pad for Two | Alamy Stock Photo
A Lily Pad for Two / Alamy Stock Photo

Their mouths are so misshapen that it looks like they’ve been sucking on incredibly sour candies. Or maybe they’re puckering up for a big froggy smooch? Well, we can’t complain too much – at least it isn’t another topper that has the groom trying to escape as the bride drags him toward the altar. And we do like some of the details, such as the red bow tie.

A Merging of Two Cultures

Now if you didn’t know what this was, you’d probably be confused, but this cake is called a Kransekake, and it’s a traditional Norwegian wedding dessert. Seeing as how it’s covered with Norwegian flags, we think it’s clear this is from a different place in the world. We think these look cool, and they taste pretty good, too.

A Merging of Two Cultures | Getty Images Photo by JOEY MCLEISTER/Star Tribune
A Merging of Two Cultures / Getty Images Photo by JOEY MCLEISTER/Star Tribune

However, there’s a little more going on here – we can also see English crackers, which people can pull apart to find treats or toys, or other kinds of surprises. To a lot of people, it might look deflated or odd, but this is a common sight in weddings in a large part of Europe. Go ahead and try a little bit before you turn your nose up at it.

Covered in Snow

At first glance, it seems like there’s nothing wrong with this cake – white, some nice pretty flowers on top of it. But then you take another look and you realize that it looks a little bit like it’s been out in the sun for too long. The icing seems to have taken the word a little too literally for our liking, and it doesn’t seem as if it was applied by someone who has much experience with it.

Covered in Snow | Getty Images Photo by JuFagundes
Covered in Snow / Getty Images Photo by JuFagundes

There are also small bits and pieces of decoration around the bottom in an extremely haphazard way, so we’re starting to think that this dessert has actually taken a spill at some point. Or somebody put it in the oven and didn’t realize it was at a toasty two hundred degrees.

Let’s Try the Toppers Again

From top to bottom of the cake itself, this pretty little piece seems perfectly fine. But, then, your eyes scan up to the topper, and you wonder how it all could have gone so wrong. If you looked at it from afar, you might not notice anything amiss, but take a closer look and you’ll find that those two haven’t turned out as well as the bride and groom might have hoped.

Let’s Try the Toppers Again | Getty Images Photo by Jamaludin Yusup
Let’s Try the Toppers Again / Getty Images Photo by Jamaludin Yusup

There’s a chance that these two are from another culture – the groom almost looks like he could be in a traditional Japanese kimono, but it still isn’t the best thing we’ve ever seen on top of a cake. But, at least she isn’t having to drag him around. The bride’s dress is quite nice, even if it does crowd things a little bit.

It’s Made Out of Old Banana Peels

It’s not often you see a wedding cake that has the color of split-pea soup. Either that or the banana frosting was sitting out in the sun for too long. Not only that, but it looks like the hearts that are around the bottom layer haven’t been having a great time, either. In fact, the whole thing looks like it’s drooping a little bit.

It’s Made Out of Old Banana Peels | Getty Images Photo by Stefan Dinse
It’s Made Out of Old Banana Peels / Getty Images Photo by Stefan Dinse

The curls on the top layer aren’t even, and the frosting looks like it’s about to start running. Well, at least the figurines on the top are ignoring all that destruction. This kind of thing can happen if it’s too hot or humid out – too much moisture and the frosting won’t firm up. As long as it tastes good, that’s what we say.

He Has to Wait His Turn

The actual execution of this cake is fine – quite good, in fact! However, we would like to point out that the bride and groom are usually on top of the cake together – not the groom a layer or two below her while she cavorts in a martini glass. This kind of design tells you a thing or two about what is most important in her life.

He Has to Wait His Turn | Getty Images Photo by paddythegolfer
He Has to Wait His Turn / Getty Images Photo by paddythegolfer

It’s not the guy, despite the fact that he seems perfectly content to sit down there and wait for his turn in the cup. Or, well, we guess he might be looking forward to dancing with his new wife or something like that. Honestly, depending on how long the wedding ceremony was, he might just be happy to be able to pop a squat.

Looks Tasty, at Least

This cake has spent too much time under the heat lamps for it to stay in one piece any longer. It seemed to have been a well-put-together cake at first, but now the time has come for it to melt and dribble onto the floor. It’s a shame since that cake actually looks like it would be very tasty.

Looks Tasty, at Least | Getty Images Photo by wandee007
Looks Tasty, at Least / Getty Images Photo by wandee007

The problem is that moist cakes tend to want to come apart a little faster, but – in our experience, at least – a nice, moist cake both looks better and tastes better. But, if a cake is too moist, then it will start to fall apart, and we get something like this picture. It also looks a little bit like the top of the cake was cut, and then it started to disintegrate.

Busy, Busy, Busy

We can barely see the cake under all that topping business. There are a whole lot of flowers, bows, and what appears to be either confectioner’s sugar or mold. If you actually wanted to cut into that cake, you’d HAVE to get all that extra stuff off of there, because there’s almost no way you’d be able to make a clean cut while going through a layer of flowers and bows.

Busy, Busy, Busy | Getty Images Photo by Sunelmarie van Niekerkges
Busy, Busy, Busy / Getty Images Photo by Sunelmarie van Niekerkges

If you don’t, you might not be able to slice through them, meaning each slice will be a big, sloppy mess. That’s not the kind of thing you want to have happen while you’re at a wedding reception – everybody knows that those things are always classy, formal, and perfect.

Getting Fruity with It

We don’t see why this one would be on the list, because it’s clearly perfect. There’s nothing like a dash of healthy, colorful fruit to make a wedding cake look even better. However, we have to admit that the cake does look a little busy, and we imagine it took way, way too long to get all those pieces of fruit in the proper spots – too much time for it to be worth it, is what we’re saying.

Getting Fruity with It | Getty Images Photo by Medini
Getting Fruity with It / Getty Images Photo by Medini

Also, some of those pieces of fruit are also cookies! That’s why this cake is on this list – it just doesn’t know what it’s trying to do. Is it a healthy alternative? A sugar-laden disaster? Both of those options? We don’t know, but we’re ready to find out.

Why Yes, Weddings Can be Expensive

This picture is a stunning indictment of the wedding industrial complex (also known as “big wedding”) If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, then the cost might just turn into a nightmare. There are always some ways to keep the costs lower than you might think, but it’s always going to come with at least a little bit of sticker shock. But that shouldn’t matter, right?

Why Yes, Weddings Can be Expensive | Alamy Stock Photo
Why Yes, Weddings Can be Expensive / Alamy Stock Photo

If you’re getting married to your best friend, then is the price really something that should turn you off? Well, not everybody can afford it, and being a good steward of your finances is a really important thing to be able to do once you’re in married life. If you just go around spending without a care, things will get complicated quickly.

How the Night is Going to End

These two already look laid out, and we don’t have a good feeling about their bar tab at the end of the night if this is what their cake looks like. Still, it’s hard to be too unhappy about this cake – at least it isn’t going to fall apart. And the happy couple is able to celebrate something that they love. Drinking, obviously.

How the Night is Going to End | Alamy Stock Photo
How the Night is Going to End / Alamy Stock Photo

Plus, they’re even going with one of the new ways to keep guests fed and happy without having to rely on some dry old cake – a candy bar! Or a candy buffet, which is a better name for it, since it’s more than just one single candy bar. The cake is left for the bride and groom, or maybe the wedding party, and there will be plenty to take home.

You Can’t Fool Us

We were about to launch into a big, fun description of this ridiculously over-the-top cake until we realized that it was actually ten cakes, plus whatever the big heart at the top of it all is. We don’t know if that’s a cake or not, but it kind of looks like one now that we’re squinting. Also, if you take a close look at the card that the little baker is holding up at the bottom, you’ll see that these beautiful wedding cakes can cost you something like five thousand dollars!

You Can’t Fool Us | Alamy Stock Photo
You Can’t Fool Us / Alamy Stock Photo

Quite the racket they have going there. That means if you want this whole incredible display, you’re going to have to shell out in the area of fifty grand. Probably way more, since you need the display, as well.

That Frosting Looks Weird

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is not your traditional wedding cake. That frosting isn’t topped with greens and tomatoes…well, there are actually leafy bits and tomatoes there, but there just isn’t any frosting. This is, in fact, a three-tiered pork pie wedding…cake. We guess it’s a cake. Does it even count as a cake if it isn’t made using flour or a flour substitute?

That Frosting Looks Weird | Alamy Stock Photo
That Frosting Looks Weird / Alamy Stock Photo

Can a dessert even have pork in it? We bet if we looked around the entire world, we wouldn’t find even a single dessert that actually had pork in it. It just doesn’t fit. We’re not talking about pork gelatin, or bacon, or anything like that, we’re talking about PORK. Take all the time you want. This cake is the closest we’re going to get.

And Now, the Bride Will Cut the Cheese

There are some couples out there who like to go their own way when it comes to the wedding reception. You might think that every single bride and groom wants to have a big tiered wedding cake covered in frosting, but you’d be way off the mark. For instance, this display shows us that some would rather have something that they can put on a piece of cracker instead of a dessert plate.

And Now, the Bride Will Cut the Cheese | Alamy Stock Photo
And Now, the Bride Will Cut the Cheese / Alamy Stock Photo

Four huge tiers of cheese give guests something to look at, and it’s the kind of thing that can be enjoyed for some time, too. Plus, this choice probably cost WAY less than a regular wedding cake, even if those cheeses were of the pricier kind. Also, those adorable little mice toppers.

No, Use a Knife

We guess you could use an ax to cut slices out of your wedding cake, but there are certainly better ways. Axes aren’t really what you would call a “finesse” weapon – you either don’t connect with your target or you connect all the way through. Cutting a single chunk out can be done if you’re careful enough, but it just seems like it’s unnecessary, given the fact that there are comfortable knives not too far away.

No, Use a Knife | Alamy Stock Photo
No, Use a Knife / Alamy Stock Photo

Then again, this is just the way the cake was made, not the aftermath of a wedding brawl. They added some nice, chunky cherry pie filling (hopefully) and then let the guests wonder why they would do such a thing. Is the ax made of fondant? Doesn’t seem like it. Maybe it’s an extra gift.

It’s the Cake’s Time to Shine

Back in the day, there were a lot of cakes that kind of amounted to being the same thing. A little square of yellow cake mix with some white frosting. Maybe it was a little different on the inside, or maybe it was a little different on the outside, but that was the long and short of it. Well, no longer!

It’s the Cake’s Time to Shine | Alamy Stock Photo
It’s the Cake’s Time to Shine / Alamy Stock Photo

Now, you can get a rad cake like this one, which has a couple of happy little bears on top of it, surrounded by sparklers that are firing into the air at the wedding reception. As an added bonus, this keeps people from getting too close to the dessert table before it’s time for the cake to be served. It’s an odd choice, to be sure, but it’s still fun.

Found It in the Yard

This is what happens when you try to save money on a wedding cake for your stepdaughter’s wedding. It looks like it’s the kind of thing that crawls out of a fallen log in the forest. We’re told that it’s a regular cake with coconut pecan buttercream, but the thing about buttercream is it just doesn’t have a good time in the heat.

Found It in the Yard | Instagram/@urbannarnia
Found It in the Yard / Instagram/@urbannarnia

If you try to put it together without allowing things to cool (or when the weather isn’t working in your favor) this just might be the result. However, we’re told that the cake, while a bit saggy, still tasted great, and now it’s a funny story to tell whenever family members get together. It was too many layers and the wrong time to assemble, but all is well with time.

Yeah, Yeah, We Get It

This kind of sentiment is common enough that it was even on t-shirts that teens would wear during the aughts. And here’s the thing about this – if you are somebody who literally has to be dragged to the altar by your better half, then just don’t get married! If she’s demanding it, then you need to drop that lady, buster! Find someone that you actually want to marry!

Yeah, Yeah, We Get It | Instagram/@binalscakespo
Yeah, Yeah, We Get It / Instagram/@binalscakespo

Yes, fine, the cake looks good, but we’re just not a big fan of the whole idea that men hate marriage. Men love getting married! In fact, half of the people getting married are men! You’d just have to assume that some of them are okay with the idea of marriage.

A Very Heavy Cake

The person that had to transport this dessert was in for a surprise. Unless…oh, it’s probably just all frosting. That’s too bad. That would make for a unique cake if it actually had a ball and chain on it. The person making this cake pointed out that humor is a big part of any relationship, and that the couple who had requested this one might have mastered the art.

A Very Heavy Cake | Instagram/@elizabethscustombakes
A Very Heavy Cake / Instagram/@elizabethscustombakes

No, they haven’t – they’re still stuck in a very juvenile way of looking at marriage and they think it’s funny. However, the cake has alternating chocolate mousse and caramel filling, so at least the interior is worth the hefty price. And despite not liking the actual idea, the ball and chain do look pretty realistic. At least it has that going for it.

When Do They Turn Into Butterflies?

Talk about your non-traditional wedding cake. Instead of tiers rising up from a platter, this cake appears to be a single tier that looks like a log (may or may not actually be cake) and then a pair of huge caterpillars that look like they’re having the time of their life. That alone is something memorable, but then you notice that there are tons of tiny little caterpillars all over the place, like Swiss Cake Rolls that have fun faces.

When Do They Turn Into Butterflies? | Instagram/@bradmatthewsmusic
When Do They Turn Into Butterflies? / Instagram/@bradmatthewsmusic

These are likely things for the guests to eat, while the bride and groom get the big cake all to themselves. It is their day, after all. The little cakes don’t look like they’re hard to make at all. The faces would be the hardest part by far.

Celebrating the Big Things in Life

Sometimes a little creature has a big find, and it’s enough to make us all take notice. We bet that a pigeon manages to get its little feet on a big slice of pie with some regularity in the city of New York, but there are so many pigeons and so many slices of pizza at any given time that the slice might be gone without anybody noticing the theft.

Celebrating the Big Things in Life | Instagram/@shweetums
Celebrating the Big Things in Life / Instagram/@shweetums

We don’t know why a wedding couple would request this kind of cake for their big day, but they must have some kind of reasoning, right? They wouldn’t just roll the dice and hope that it ends up looking good if they give the decorator a random prompt, right? Maybe the pigeon ordered the cake.

Dressed for the Occasion

Dinosaurs have been popular with plenty of people for a long time, but how often do they get to show up on wedding cakes, especially dinosaurs that are so well-dressed and happy? Well, if for some reason the bride and groom order a wedding cake that is covered in plants. The cake looks nice, but it seems like it would be a lot of trouble picking all those fronds off when you actually want to get at the cake.

Dressed for the Occasion | Instagram/@slodkapasjalucy
Dressed for the Occasion / Instagram/@slodkapasjalucy

You know, like, for eating it. But all things come at a cost – if you want a really pretty cake, you might not be able to eat it like any normal cake. But, sometimes, a cake is all about how good it looks, and not how good it tastes.

Worth Every Penny

The story behind this one is that a person paid a not-insignificant amount of money, a hundred and thirty-five dollars, for a cake. That person was expecting the one on the left, but he or she got the one on the right. The reasons for this could have been many: Maybe the people making the cake dropped the original one, and this was the only thing they could throw together at such short notice.

Worth Every Penny |
Worth Every Penny /

Maybe the decorator ran out of time and had to decorate while the cake was still hot, which makes it far more difficult to decorate properly. Maybe the person who did this isn’t very good at decorating cakes. That’s always an important option to remember. Sometimes a person is just bad at the job he or she does.

Because People Like Them

If you’re a cake decorator, you have to be able to handle any job that is thrown your way. Sometimes that means writing or spelling stuff that people want their cakes to say. This cake is supposed to say “Wiser Wedding,” but somehow the person who was in charge of decorating understood it as “Why’s there a wedding?”

Because People Like Them |
Because People Like Them /

Because people like to celebrate the biggest day of their lives with all their friends and family, that’s why. It’s really not that tough of a question, cake. What do you know about weddings? You’re a cake. You don’t have thoughts. You’re full of delicious buttercream or chocolate, but there are no wise words in you. Stop looking at me like that, I’m not crazy. My therapist said so.

You Try Tying a Chocolate Tie

We’re not about to get up here and tell you that making a fancy chocolate cake is going to be easy or simple, but if you order the cake on the left and get the cake on the right, then you have a good reason to complain. Yes, it does at least a little bit look like the cake that was ordered, but you have to admit there are a couple of important differences to take note of.

You Try Tying a Chocolate Tie |
You Try Tying a Chocolate Tie /

The tux front is a lot messier than it should be, and some things are sized differently, too. The bow is huge and messy and it doesn’t look like the picture described. It’s supposed to be a neat little package, but the one they got was not. More chocolate isn’t a bad thing, at least.

Baking Against the Clock

Once again, there is a big difference between what the bride and groom were expecting to get and what they actually received. At least the person making it sort of had an excuse – she was a friend of the bride and bakes wedding cakes as a side gig. However, that’s the most of an excuse she’s got, since she just barely got down making the cake halfway through the reception.

Baking Against the Clock |
Baking Against the Clock /

As in, while the reception was going on. And while it might not have the exact same pristine and perfect look as the cake on the left, it does look okay. It’s a little lumpy, and we bet the person had to put the frosting on while it was a little bit warm since they were rushing, but at least it’s holding together.

Almost There

The bride and groom of this wedding specifically ordered the cake on the left, without flowers and with their wedding colors, which were navy and burgundy. All things considered, the person in charge of the cake got pretty darn close. It seems they tried to blend the colors together the same way the original cake did, but the very different colors of dark blue and burgundy didn’t blend as well as the gray and white or silver from the original.

Almost There |
Almost There /

The baker went a little bit off-script by trying to incorporate the colors apparently, unaware it just wouldn’t work out super well. However, we’d like to say that other than that, this cake has turned out pretty good. Same size, it isn’t leaning, it doesn’t look awful, and we bet it tasted good, too.

Player Two Has Joined the Game

It might not be the kind of thing that should be the centerpiece of the wedding (unless these two are so invested in this classic era of gaming that this cake is showing off), but this cake will still raise an eyebrow. However, we have been notified by our sources that this was just the groom’s cake, while there was another, bigger, and perhaps more traditional cake that was also on the dessert table.

Player Two Has Joined the Game |
Player Two Has Joined the Game /

Both the bride and groom were Nintendo nuts, apparently, so maybe that cake also had some nod to that fandom. Actually, with a bit of critical thinking, we can figure out what the toppers on the bigger cake were – what two classic and famous Nintendo characters are missing from this cake? Well well, it looks like the plumber and the princess finally tied the knot.

So Long

It seems this cake topper has developed cold feet, and not just from standing on top of a cake that’s been in the fridge for a few days. Making that leap into marriage can be nerve-racking, even if you’re well and truly in love with the person that is walking down the aisle toward you. It’s a big change, and even cake toppers might feel like they need to escape.

So Long | Twitter/@deborahkim55
So Long / Twitter/@deborahkim55

No, this isn’t a joke by the groomsmen who wondered if their friend was ready to get married – it was all because of the wind. It seems these kinds of classic figurine toppers are susceptible to getting blown around a little bit if they aren’t secured properly. Some designers use small sticks to make sure nothing falls over, but they were left off this otherwise perfectly pretty design.

The Designer Let it Go in the Wrong Way

Does this cake, clearly inspired by the Disney movie “Frozen,” look fine? Yes, pretty good, in fact. The problem is, however, the wedding it went to didn’t want it. The baker was making the real wedding cake and dropped it before it could get to the big day. Instead of making the cake again or refunding the couple, the baker grabbed this chilly cake, which was in her freezer, and tried to present it to the bride and groom.

The Designer Let it Go in the Wrong Way | & Twitter/@bekahboo108
The Designer Let it Go in the Wrong Way / & Twitter/@bekahboo108

She also still wanted to be paid the same amount, which we can guess didn’t really fly when the happy couple found out. Sure, the cake looks nice, but there’s only the one lady on top of there, and it also, remember, isn’t the cake they had paid for.

Going the Distance

If you really want to show off your wedding and make it memorable, there are few ways to do it that are more ostentatious than the cake. It’s a dessert that will, by design, be destroyed if the wedding is successful. Maybe there will be chunks cut out of it, maybe a few kids will grab handfuls when the parents aren’t looking, and bigger cakes could even take a tumble.

Going the Distance | Twitter/@slmilner
Going the Distance / Twitter/@slmilner

Then there are the cakes that seem to be built for awe in and of themselves, like this one. The person with this cake described it as ugly, but do we agree? It’s quite the design, that’s for sure, but ugly? We admit the chocolate fondue fountain underneath it really gives you a lot to look at.

Contents May Settle During Shipping

The problem with wedding cakes is that a whole lot of things can happen to make them look worse than the couple or the baker imagined. There could be difficulties while baking, there could be issues getting the right supplies, or not enough time to give the cake all the attention it rightly deserves. Maybe the couple wanted a bad cake, and that’s what they got.

Contents May Settle During Shipping | Twitter/@solarfish30
Contents May Settle During Shipping / Twitter/@solarfish30

Maybe, such as in this example, the cake wasn’t transported properly, resulting in shifting and some layers that moved around. Yes, the frosting got smudged a little, but with a bit of careful thought, this cake can be salvaged. You’d just have to nudge it back into an upright position. Easier said than done, of course, but there’s no need to call off the reception.

The True Power Couple

This cake follows the trend of splitting it down the middle – the bride gets one half, and the groom gets the other. To design, at least – we don’t think each person had to eat an entire half of a cake. While the bride’s side is a classic white and frilly design, the groom’s side is looking toward the far east, bearing a design from one of the most well-known manga and anime series out there, “Dragon Ball Z” (and/or its various pieces of related media that may or may not have different names).

The True Power Couple | Twitter/@OhMySuperSaiyan
The True Power Couple / Twitter/@OhMySuperSaiyan

Goku and Chi-Chi are the most prominent couple of the series, even if it doesn’t really do much with romance and relationships. Now we’re just imagining how excited Goku would be about a cake this big.

We Wonder What Could Have Happened

Put on your detective hats and let’s take a look at the clues. There’s a delicious-looking cake that has a big messy chunk ripped out of it, and there’s a puppy on the floor that, if we aren’t mistaken, has that guilty look on its face. You know, the one that puppies get when they do something they know is wrong. It doesn’t exactly take a genius to put this puzzle back together.

We Wonder What Could Have Happened | Facebook/
We Wonder What Could Have Happened / Facebook/

At least, that’s what we think happened. Who knows – maybe some confused cousin wandered in and grabbed a chunk of the cake without thinking that it could have been for the wedding he was all dressed up for. You never can tell when it comes to cousins.

Marrying the Princess

When a couple of nerds get together, you tend to get weddings that are a little less traditional. Nothing wrong with that, but these two really went all-out when it came to the wedding cake. While about three-fourths of it is a brilliant white design, the last section is a panoply of the nerdiest things that you can see.

Marrying the Princess |
Marrying the Princess /

From top to bottom, there is the classic fantasy film “The Princess Bride” (which also seems to have inspired the cake toppers), the magical world of Harry Potter, the time-travel shenanigans of “Doctor Who,” and everybody’s favorite nerdy science-fiction universe, “Star Wars.” We wonder how much work the baker had to do to cut those silhouettes just right. Also, how many cherubic cake toppers are there that look like the characters from fantasy films?

You Said I Could Pick the Cake

The trend of having a “groom’s cake” to let the groom express himself without dominating the reception’s dessert is a good one, but sometimes it ends up resulting in things that are a little stranger than you might expect. Take a look at this picture – need we say more? We will anyway: this cake is stocked with brews and a freshly-caught fish. It’s surrounded by shotgun shells and what appears to be ping-pong balls, of all things.

You Said I Could Pick the Cake |
You Said I Could Pick the Cake /

We don’t know if that’s an actual Yeti cooler or if the cake is designed to look like that, but we’re trending toward the latter. Otherwise there…isn’t much of an actual cake. Now the question is, which would cost more, this cake or a real Yeti cooler?

An Addictive Cake

We don’t know how it got past all the layers of friends and family, but the husband really, really wanted this cake for the wedding, and he ended up getting it. This was right after this famous show had come to a close, and it seems one fan wasn’t ready to let it disappear just yet. Yes, incredibly, a cake that has TV characters like Saul Goodman and Walter White, as well as stuff that is supposed to look like an extremely dangerous and deadly substance, is on that wedding cake.

An Addictive Cake |
An Addictive Cake /

There are even more pictures around the back, showing Jesse Pinkman. According to our sources, the mother of the groom hated it. At least somebody in the family has some taste. Hopefully, this was just the groom’s cake.

When Skeletons Find Love

This design seems a little macabre for what weddings usually are meant to be, but there’s a good reason for this kind of cake. Well, a reason, anyway – you can decide if it’s good or not. The two people getting hitched are morticians, apparently, and they figured why not creep out all the guests with a cake that uses that element?

When Skeletons Find Love |
When Skeletons Find Love /

Sure, it can be a little depressing, but these two are likely plenty used to seeing that kind of stuff. Wondering why the groom is missing a piece of his leg? If you check at the base of the cake, you’ll see they included the family dog in the design, who is enjoying a treat from its owner.

We Are Confused and Hungry

Hungry just because we’ve been looking at pictures of wedding cakes for a while. And this cake is…quite the sight. It seems that the groom’s mother had this one made up for the wedding reception at the couple’s request, and she did her level best to include some of their favorite stuff. Let’s see if we can figure out what it all is.

We Are Confused and Hungry |
We Are Confused and Hungry /

You have a lumpy, chunky Batman standing on top of the box next to someone that is described as “FemShep,” the female main character from the “Mass Effect” series of video games. The box, by the way, is a rather green version of the TARDIS from “Doctor Who.” Surrounding the base of the time-traveling police call box are reaper husks from the “Mass Effect” games. And it’s big, too – check out the beer bottle for scale.

Well, When in Disneyland

This celebration happened at one of the most magical places on Earth – or so the advertisements tell us – Disneyland! Of course, it only makes sense to have a Disney-themed cake to round off the reception. This couple went with a sea, land, and sky theme, and tied in some of their favorite Disney movies. All in all, they made a not-very-good cake that was probably exactly what they were looking for.

Well, When in Disneyland |
Well, When in Disneyland /

They incorporated King Triton from “The Little Mermaid,” put in Hercules and Meg from “Hercules,” and added in a number of details, such as the blue wall and cloud background from “Toy Story.” It’s also supposed to have something from “Brother Bear,” but for the life of us, we can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be.

Keeping Their Identities a Secret

This cake is just like a superhero, isn’t it? Most of it is perfectly normal and natural – from the front, it looks like a stunning white cake that has frosting flowers and a couple of tiers. The kind of thing any wedding would be proud to display on the dessert table. If you were to peek around the back, however, you’d notice something a little different from the normal display.

Keeping Their Identities a Secret |
Keeping Their Identities a Secret /

It’s a trio of red-themed superheroes that are ready to make an appearance and, in order from top to bottom, swing in to save the bride, eat all the cake and show off the worm, and get everybody seated in their chairs in a split second. It also has fondant, which a lot of people hate. Because they’re WRONG.

I Mustache You To Be Mine

This cake screams 2012. The only way this could be more 2012 is if the cake had galaxy-print fondant. The official story is that the groom has a handlebar mustache, so this is an homage to him, of sorts. It’s not clear whether he was involved in this or not, but if he wasn’t, this must have been quite a surprise at the reception. Like looking in a mirror, we’re sure.

I Mustache You To Be Mine |
I Mustache You To Be Mine /

As far as wedding cakes go, we have to say that it’s a little lackluster, but the poster said that this was “part” of the wedding cake, so maybe we’re not getting the full story. Maybe the rest of the cake had Galaxy print on it.

It’s Kinda Hard to Eat

Every wedding has a theme, even if it’s a traditional white theme. Some just stick to their favorite colors, while others might make everybody in the wedding party dress up like characters from “Shrek.” The wedding that featured this cake decided to land in a nice middle ground and make their wedding – and the cake during the reception – gold-themed.

It’s Kinda Hard to Eat |
It’s Kinda Hard to Eat /

At first, this seems like it will be fine from start to finish, but we come up with a problem once it becomes time for dessert. Most cake decorators are aware that you can’t eat gold, but we’d still go gently while biting into this beautiful piece of baking excellence. We feel like we might end up chipping a tooth.

Help Us Out With This One

We are told that this is a wedding cake, but other than the fact it has a couple of tiers, it’s not the first thought we’d have when viewing it. If it’s for a wedding, what was the theme? Under the Sea? That’s the only thing that comes to mind, since it has a blue, kinda coral, kinda fishy design to some of the elements.

Help Us Out With This One |
Help Us Out With This One /

This is, according to the information, this person’s “first wedding cake,” but we don’t know if this person intends on getting married more than once, or if this person was in charge of making it. We also aren’t sure which option would be more unfortunate. On the other hand, this cake would be great for a birthday party or something like that.

It’s About Time He Made Her a Proper Female Dog

We don’t know about the rest of you, but this one is a first for us. This cake was for a dog wedding, and you might not believe the lengths these humans went to in order to celebrate the…dog wedding. There were guests, speeches, treats, presents, dresses, and a cake. For the dog wedding.

It’s About Time He Made Her a Proper Female Dog |
It’s About Time He Made Her a Proper Female Dog /

It’s not necessarily a bad wedding cake (the dog toppers are Christmas ornaments) but we’d like to remind everybody once again that it was for a dog wedding. Between two dogs. Here’s an important question: was the cake made of dog food? Or was it a normal human-safe cake? Maybe the less we know about this kind of event, the better.

I Am Cake

This is the kind of amazing display that doesn’t even reveal itself to be a cake until the knives come out. The lovable tree-being Groot from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a fan favorite, but this might be the first time he’s been turned into a cake. If not, it’s possible this is the best cake he has been turned into.

I Am Cake |
I Am Cake /

It was quite the display – the couple’s initials were carved on the side, like that one tree in the park, and there are also some traditional cake toppers (they appear to be, anyway) nestled in the opening in Groot’s head. That is some really amazing decorating work, and it almost seems like it would have been a shame to slice into this dessert. But, that’s the downside of even beautiful cakes.

The Wedding Was a Barrel of Fun

Every wedding couple wants to make sure that their big centerpiece dessert is a memorable moment. Something that speaks to who they are, something that looks amazing. This cake has tiers of banded barrels and plenty of rustic, shabby chic flowers gilding it. It might not fit into the traditional princess wedding, but we can’t find too much about this cake to make fun of.

The Wedding Was a Barrel of Fun |
The Wedding Was a Barrel of Fun /

Maybe the fact that it’s supported on a layer of mason jars, which isn’t the most stable platform you could come up with. Still, as long as nobody bumps the table too hard, there shouldn’t be much wrong with this cake. We really love the details on the wood planks.

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